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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 21:29:18 EST From: Subject: Rendezvous by Scott Smith (m/f/f)As always, I appreciate feedback on my writing (this includes my last try "Dirty Wolf Dreams" in Bi-fantasy). But please, no flames. I hope you enjoy. Rendezvous He sat nervously at the hotel bar. His hands idly playing with the edges of the napkin that his drink was resting upon, his third drink. He didn't often drink like this. Normally one or two beers will suffice over an entire evening. But today was different, today his throat was perpetually dry and his hands needed something to do. Finishing his drink, he looked at his watch again and noting the time he ordered another Captain and Coke. How much longer, he wondered. How much longer till she arrives? His mind began to drift, back young horny angles to the time they first started chatting over the Internet. That first fluke contact. A simple missed capitalization and he received mail meant for someone else. He deleted it picture young hardcore the first time it happened, it wasn't the first time he got someone else's mail. The second time it happened from her he decided to read it because her screen name intrigued him. So he decided to check out her profile and after reading it his interest was truly piqued. He sent back a little lighthearted message informing her of her misaddress mail and even tried to get her to elaborate on the question she was asking the other person in hopes of helping her out but expected little to nothing in return, maybe an apology at best. What he got was much more. It was an apology but it was also very witty and open, inviting a response. So they traded e-mail for a while and discovered they both had the same favorite author. Not a huge beginning, you understand, but it was a start. Soon they were conversing via instant messages and their conversations started to get more and more young gays porn intimate. Over time they both became quite apt at typing with only one hand. And at times one would do all the typing, just young porn angels with the knowledge of how much pleasure the one was giving young euro nymphs the other. erotic young pics After a time they just had to hear each others voices having already exchanged pictures. Their first conversation was simple and short but she had the sexiest voice, he could still hear it in his dreams days later. And even though they lived a thousand miles away from each other, the long distance charges be damned, they had great phone sex. It was some time later that the proposition was made, a simple get together in a city that neither called home. Everything was hinted at but nothing was suggested. "Scott?" His roving thoughts were returned by the voice, her voice. He turned to her and took her in for the first time. young porn gallarie She was right, that picture that he had of her did not do her justice. The first thing he saw were her eyes, bright and beautiful. Then her hair, falling youngest legal nude about young posing girl her shoulders, sandy blond streaked with red. The streaks made him smile. He knew she hated those streaks but she also knew just how much he loved the red. "Hi," he responded in turn and hoped she did not notice the slight nervous quiver in his voice. "Have you been waiting long," she asked in a sheepish manner that somehow put him at ease. "Not long, not long at all." It was not a lie because for this, he would have waited till the end of the world. He reached forth young family sex with his hand and cupped her cheek, hungary young porn stroking it with his thumb. He looked deep into her eyes and whispered, "I can hardly believe it's you." She leaned into his hand and closing her young teen vids eyes she breathed a deep sigh. Upon opening her eyes she laid both her hands upon his chest. After leaving them there a few moments, as if to assure herself that he was indeed real, she moved them up his form, letting one come to rest along the side of his neck while the other ran up into his silky dark hair and began to stroke it. "Neither can I," she breathed and smiling she added, "My wolf mate." The pet name filled and suffused him. Laying his other hand to the other side of her face, he drew her to him. younghest porn His deep brown eyes were filled with her vision, her beauty. asian young teen Then their lips meet, for the first time. In those few moments the world ceased to exist. Their bodies were on fire. There were only their lips, their tongues and their embrace. After what seemed like hours passed, fucking young pussy they broke the kiss and she laid her head on his shoulder. "Have you checked into your room yet," he asked, stroking her hair. "Nor yet," she sighed. Pulling away slightly she looked at him with a wicked glint in her eye and a grin on her lips, "But I could always use help with my bags." Impishly, he reached down and squeezed her firm behind, causing her to jump a little and emit a small squeak. "Naughty, naughty," he replied with a grin of his own. Pulling away, she gave him a playful swat. "Just for that you are going to carry my bags." She took his hand in hers and they started for the niel young door. After checking in they headed for her room, which not so coincidentally was just down the hall from his own. She opened the door and enters first. As she continued on in to survey the room he set her bags down just inside the door and closed it behind him. Then as quietly as he could, he quickly moved in behind her, embracing her about the waist and chest, and with a little wolfish snarl, he gently bit the base of her neck. A sighing moan escaped her lips as she arched her neck to the side, allowing him little teen young more access and hugged his arms to her tighter. She is so soft, so supple, so hot. He trailed his bites and kisses up her neck until he reached her ear lobe, which he chewed on for a bit before speaking. "I've never wanted anything as much as I've wanted this, as much as I've wanted you." Reaching up she entangled her fingers in his hair and grasped it firmly, guiding him back to her throat. With her other hand she reached around behind her to feel his hardening package. "Aye, my love, so I see," she said through her broad grin. He moved his hands up to her full breasts and massaged them, and pinched her hardened nipples through her blouse. He wanted more. He needed more. He needed to feel the bare skin of her heaving breasts. He reached for the top button of her blouse and undid it. He then set to the rest until her blouse hung open at the waist and then pulled the rest out from her skirt. He slowly slipped it from her shoulders. She lowered both arms to allow it to fall to the floor. Then he undid her lace bra and let it fall next to the blouse. Her hand returned to stroking his cock through his slacks, as his hands glided up her waist to the base young animated incest of her now bare young sluts ru breasts. His kisses trailed around the back of her neck and his nibbling began anew on her other side. His hands began a deep kneading about the base of her breasts and he slowly pulled the hot, soft flesh out toward their peaks. He ended it with young galleries nonude a soft yet firm hold on each nipple and gently tugged out on them. She groaned deeply young hairless nude and pushed herself back into him. As each nipple slipped from his grasp she shuttered, grunted and squeezed his shaft. She hugged her arms about her chest and he wrapped her in his as he gently rocked her to and fro. After a few moments she turned to face him saying, "You're going to pay for that you know." Kissing him fiercely, while grasping his head between her hands, she backed them toward the bed. Feeling the bed young fuck boy hit the back of her legs, she turned them both around and breaking their kiss, she shoved him backward onto the bed. It did not take her long to remove her shoes and skirt and with them laying to the floor, she stood naked before him. He had little time to appreciate the scene though as she threw herself on top of him. Her passion was raging as they kissed again. He tried to take her in his arms but she but she had other ideas. Grasping his arms she pressed them down onto the bed. Her hands then went to the middle of his shirt and grasping it firmly, she tore it open. young catholic schoolgirl Buttons flew in all directions. Her fingers were now free to roam about the curly, downy soft hair on his chest. She broke the kiss and began to move to kissing and nipping his neck and chest, emitting little growls along the way. She stopped for a moment to bite and porno tiny young suck his nipples till she heard a satisfying groan of his own, before moving on down to her true target. Reaching his pants, she looked up into his eyes and could see the lust burning there and she could feel his lust straining to be removed from it's encasement. She undid the top and slowly lowered the zipper. Reaching around to the back young asians porn of his pants she pulled at them until his cock sprang forth and they were on young uncensored teen the floor next to young teenspics hers. As he struggled to remove his now some what tattered shirt she went on with her joyous business. She licked and kissed at his inner thighs and then up to his stomach, letting her hair ever so lightly brush his ragging cock. She then moved down to kiss the head and then kiss down the shaft, driving him crazy. "Please," she said looking into his eyes, "please let me suck your cock." Her lips curled into a knowing, wicked smile. "Oh fuck yes, please yes," he moaned in response and threw his head back with force as nymphs young teen her mouth engulfed his pulsing rod. Soon his cock was at forbidden young fruit the back of her throat and she moaned with pleasure. Her head then began to bob up and down on his burning hot shaft, letting it out till just the head was still in her mouth before taking it back in deep. On every fourth or fifth, she would suck hard on the up stroke, making him shutter and groan loudly. She could tell he was not far off and she wanted to taste his cum. She wrapped her hair about the base of his cock with her hand young forced and she began to jack at his cute young butt cock with it and the bobbed up and down. It was like his dick was encased in silk. With that and her ever so talented mouth and tongue he was soon shooting load after load of hot salty sweet cum into her mouth and down her throat. Licking his dick clean and then licking her lips, she crawled up his body and laid old young pussy atop of him, nuzzling his throat. He kissed her hair atop russia youngest virgins her head innocent young pussy and breathed a deep sigh. He was slick with sweat and still quivering as he pulled her up and kissed her lips and cheek. "Oh my young russians free god, you're incredible," he said as he hugged her to him strongly. Rolling her to young amature girls his side he pulled her to the center of the large bed. They kissed again for a time before he started to make his way down her beautiful form. He kissed down her chin and neck and then down between her breasts. Taking her breasts in his hands once again he kissed his way atop young british nudists her left one, licking and sucking her taught nipple till she was moaning. After a time he justice young porn then moved on to her right and gave it the same wonderful treatment. He had to move on after a time again. He just had to have that erotic young sweet, succulent prize that lay below. So he kissed and licked his way down her stomach, kneading the flesh with his hands as he went. She spread her legs wide, to allow him access to her. Upon reaching her youngest girls free steaming hot and 3younggirls young free fuck wet pussy he placed his hands to her inner thighs and massaged them deeply while spreading them out even hot young girl young child porn further and them holding them there. His target was in sight but he want about to let her off easy, no matter how great it smelled. He started with her right inner thigh, kissing and licking his youngwomen porn way toward her pussy. Upon reaching it he switched to the other thigh but not before blowing across her clit as he did. She was groaning before long and grasping at his head with one hand, in a desperate attempt to get him to the center of her desire, while the other hand was pinching her nipple. As he made his way back to her soaking cunt, he ever so lightly began to lick the outer edges of it. Teasing her to no end. All around it he went, careful not to touch her throbbing clit. "Oh please," she pleaded, "please do it now. Fuck, please, now!" Smiling, he then set out young latina portfolios to encircle her clit with his loita very young tongue. Around and around he went, hearing her shutter every time his tongue flicked across her pussy lips. But he could no longer hold out himself. He put his lips around her puffy, red clit and gave it a hard, sucking kiss. This young erotic pictures time it was her turn to throw her head back into the pillows and groan that deep throaty groan. She had the sweetest pussy he'd ever tasted. Wow, he thought, she was right. She tastes just like pineapple. He tore into her pussy with an abandon, using one then two fingers of his right hand to probe deep into her. He lapped up her juices and licking and sucking her clit until she was writhing in ecstasy. Raising his head, he looked into her face and smiled. "Cum for me baby," he crooned to nude young nymph her. "Cum for me." And she did. Her body shuttered and she growled softly, her breath harsh, and she bit her hand in shy young girl the process of coming down. He crawled up her body and kissed her. She kissed him back passionately, enjoying the taste of her cum on his lips. "Mmm, more," she pleaded. "Please more, I want more." He wanted more too. His cock was starting to show signs of life again so he knew that soon she would have her wish. "With a little help, love, you can have all you wish," he said while grinding his groin into her. She rolled him off to one side and got up from the bed. Walking around the foot of the bed she made for her bags at the door. He couldn't help but admire her young fuck thumbs fine ass as she young nude tenns did. It was wonderful and moved just right. As she bent over on of her small bags, her bathroom case young preten unless he missed his guess, he propped himself up on his elbow and asked, "what'ca gettin' hun?" She stood back up and walked back to the bed and he saw that she was fanning a condom back and forth between her thumb and fore finger. "I want you to last a good long time for this horny and young one, "she said, "and this will help make sure you do." She sat on the side of the bed and took his semi hard cock into her mouth again, sucking it until it was good and hard once again before stopping. Then taking the rubber from out of the package she rolled it down his cock. "There," she said with a look of satisfaction. "That will work perfectly." She climbed up his body and kissed him. "Are you ready lover?" "Yes," he chinese young schoolgirls hissed. "Please." Sitting up at screwing young pussy his waist, smiling, she raised herself up on one leg then using her right hand she guided his stiff member to her moist lips and lowered herself down upon him, slowly sinking him deep into her. They both shuddered in ecstasy. She placed her hands on his chest and steadied herself for a moment, eyes closed, enjoying his fullness within her. Opening her eyes, her face beaming, she began to raise herself up then down, riding his cock. After a time he reached up and took her breasts in his hands and fondled them again, rolling her nipples in his fingers. She leaned forward, shuddering and bit his shoulder as she came again. "More," she pleaded. "More." More, is just what they did. Her body slowly girls nude young moving, young nude magazine undulating down onto him. Her full breasts pressing into his chest. Her muscles gripping his shaft. His hips rising to meet hers. More groans, youngest porn stars more soft bites, more lingering kisses. They would gently grab each others hair and pull, the sensation from the scalp would race down their spines and meet porn young rusian the vibration from their slapping pelvises that was racing back up. On and on it went into the day until finally he couldn't last any longer and he could feel the sensation deep within his balls and knew he was about to cum. "Oh fuck. I'm cumming," he grunted into her ear. Her face started to beam even brighter and she cooed to him, "That's it baby. Cum youngest erotic teens for me. Cum in me." His cock throbbed and pulsed as his climax hit him and tore through him and into her. Feeling his pulsing and the heat flow into her she cums yet again. His grunts joining her softer growl. She emits a soft whimper as his softening member slowly slips from within her. They held each other as they both come down, him on his back and his hand caressing her head, resting on his chest. They fell asleep like that for a short while, just a cat nap really, enough to regain some energy. After youngest porn pictures a time he spoke to her, "Hun, I have a toy for you in my room. Would you like me to go get it?" "Mmm," she purred. "What is it?" "It's a surprise. But I just know you'll love it. I'll just be gone a minute now. Ok?" "Ok," she said to him and kissed his chest before moving aside youngest cunt fuck to allow him up. As he got up and quickly free young nude dressed she watched him while running her hands gently over her body in anticipation. "Now, hurry up. I can hardly wait." Reaching the door, key in young blondes hand, he turned to young virgin pussy her and young cutie said, spanking young boys "Hey hun? Did you bring that little red Babydoll outfit?" With her nod he put on an evil grin and added, "great! Why don't you put it on. It'll go great with the toy. You're going to love this, babe. I won't be long." And slipped out hungarian young pussy the door. She quickly got up, full of energy, and went through her bags for the teddy. Finding it, she hurriedly put it on and being that there isn't that much to a teddy that was plenty quick. Returning to the bed, she couldn't help but lightly play with herself and wondered just what her "surprise" was. It could be a number of things, toy wise. Hell, she thought, it could be anything from a great vibrator to a whip and cuffs. Those would be only for him of course. Yes, I bet that's it. It goes right along with that great "cyber" we had. Me in this teddy, whip in hand, and I had him all tied up on the bed. Fuck. I can't wait. And she proceeded to past the short time by imagining all sorts of things they could do with his toys and played with herself. Her thoughts were brought around young girl cumshots by the key opening the door and his poking his head into the room. "Are you ready for your toy," he asked grinning young black chicks from ear to ear. "Yes, please," she cooed and in anticipation she made her voice more authoritative, "I want my toy now." "Alright, here it is," he said pushing the door the rest of the way open and walked in with a beaming smile he said, "Sharon, this is Sue." Sitting up in the bed, Sharon's jaw fell open and young nude video her eyes grew wide to take in all of the young woman who entered. Bright red hair that fell to her shoulder blades and big beautiful blue green eyes that took her in, in turn. She wore tight black slacks that hugged her slim angels young sex hips and waist. And a tight black top that stopped half way down her hard, flat stomach, leaving her pierced belly button exposed. Her thoughts raced young smoker a mile a minute. Oh my god, I can't believe he did it. I look like hell. She looks incredible. I'm going to kill him -- I can't believe I'm finally going to make love to another woman. Sue stepped forward, toward the bed and with her hands unnecessarily straightening her top. "Hi," she said with a slight nervous quiver in her voice, "I can't believe that I finally get to meet you, I've heard so much about you." Scott bizar young notits closed the door and approached the bed, half way between the two lovely women. "I think that you two get to know each other better. We could do that here or we could go out young sexy children and have dinner and drinks first. What do you say?" He walked over and knelt on the bed next to Sharon, he youngest erotic teen put young girl art his arm around her waist and spoke into her ear but while also looking at Sue. He said in a voice that they both could hear, "what ever you want, dear. I just want you two to be comfortable and to have fun." Sharon turned to him and looked him deep in the eyes, "I could never do this with out young chinese girls you. You make it so young incest thumbnails easy, thank you," and kissed him. As he got up off the bed the women looked at each once more. I can do this, she thought, my god I can't believe how much I want her, and raised her hand to Sue in invitation. At Sharon's gesture, Sue got onto the bed, crawled forward and came to rest on her haunches in front of Sharon. She turned her head to look at Scott and waiving him over she patted the bed next to the young drunk girls two of them. Turning back to Sharon she took one hand and ran it lightly over her forehead and trailed her fingers back and over the lovely woman's ear, clearing her hair from her face. Taking her other hand she did the same to Sharon's other side. Her hands were now cupping her face. Sharon did nothing, she let the other woman take complete control and her body was shaking from nerves and from the excitement of being held this young teens raped way by this beautiful woman before her. The bed gave a bit to the side as Scott sat beside them and just watched as Sue leaned forward and brought Sharon's young beautiful princess face to meet hers. Their lips meet in a very light kiss before Sue pulled back to gauge Sharon's reaction. Finding guarded acceptance she went back for more. Their second kiss was longer and a bit more intimate. Sue trailed the kiss to Sharon's cheek and back to her ear. "It's ok," she whispered, "we won't do anything you don't want to." And pulled back to again young pictures nude check her reaction. Sharon's stomach was boiling with nerves but she also didn't want to stop. She nodded her head and leaned forward to give Sue a kiss. And then another, and another. Soon her mouth began to open with each new kiss and before long Sue's tongue began to enter her mouth. They began to stroke each others heads and back as their passionate kisses grew stronger. Soon Sharon began to mew a little moan as her passion for this woman began to take complete control of her. She was lost, and loved every amature young nudes minute of it. Scott began to shift his seated position on the bed. Even after cumming twice in the last hour or so, he was again growing hard. How could I not, he thought, with this vision of amateur young pussy beauty and passion right within hands reach. He began to grope his package and his breath grew heavier with each naked young preeteens passing moment. It was amazing, he couldn't take his eyes of the scene. Two of the most beautiful women in the world and he cared about them both so much. And here they are, about to make love to each other. He so badly wanted to reach out and touch them both but was too afraid of breaking their spell. I'll wait, he thought, I'll wait for my time. So he waited and he watched as the two ladies began to undress each other as they kissed. Sharon had reached over and pulled Sue's tight top up to expose her large supple breasts. With Sharon it was easy, just a slip of her shoulder straps and her breasts were exposed to young nudist naturalists Sue's hands. With just a light brush across Sharon's nipples, Sue could tell just how sensitive they were and decided to wait a moment before feasting upon them with her mouth. She broke their kiss and removed her top with one swift motion before undoing the clasp on her slacks and slipping them off just as quick. Sharon oo'd, Sue wasn't warring any panties. Sue kissed Sharon again, this time pressing her back into the bed. Their breasts pressed together and their legs began to intertwine. Sharon was again in heaven. Sue began to kiss down Sharon's body, first her cheek and neck and then moved on to her breasts. Sharon began to writhe underneath her and she took the woman stiff nipple into her mouth for a kiss. Sharon shuddered and moaned. Opening her eyes she saw Scott looking into her face with lust and desire so she grabbed for him, to bring him to her mouth. They kissed as Sue suckled. Scott shed his clothes again and as he kissed her his right hand began to roam over Sue's bare back, caressing her and giving her support. He began to kiss and nibble on Sharon's neck once again, it was a real sweet spot for him, before moving down her body to join Sue in suckling her breasts. Within moments they had Sharon cumming again and biting her hand, because they were both too far away for her to bite. He whispered into Sue's ear and with a broad grin she moved down Sharon's body, kissing as she went, until she reached her most precious and dripping treasure. Licking the cum that had run down Sharon's young asian porno inner thighs she couldn't help but comment. "Mmm honey, my god you're right," she said as she licked more off the panting woman's other thigh, "she does taste just like pineapple." She dove into the woman's pussy with a reckless abandon. Sharon reached for Scott's throbbing cock, she wanted to suck it so bad. "No, no honey," he said pulling just out of reach, "I don't want anything to get in the way of you watching her eat your pussy. I want you to see yourself cum in her mouth." She shuddered as he said that magic word. Getting up, he walked around to the end of the bed. Sitting young boy nudist down, he then laid back and maneuvered himself under Sue's spread legs. Placing his hands on her hips he pulled her down to squat over his waiting mouth. She moaned as his tongue and lips stroked and pulled her pussy lips and his nose tickled her sweet little clit. The smell of pussy permeated the small room and the sight of this exquisite little woman between her legs drove Sharon near to the brink of yet another orgasm. She knew what she wanted and she wanted it now. Taking hold of Sue's head she lifted it of her aching cunt and panted, "wait, wait. I--I want you too. I want to eat you. Please!" She quickly young xxx russian turned around and crawled on her back underneath Sue's lithe little form, stopping for a time to suck and nibble on her incredible nipples. Sue was nearing young housewives orgasm herself at this point with this first time firecracker suckling her tits and Scott giving her pussy a real tongue lashing. She was so pent-up already with knowing what this wonderful weekend had in store for them all. And it was heightened she found out that the two of them had already been at it as Scott came and woke her from her short nap with his kiss. She could smell her juices on his skin and taste her on his lips. She drew closer to cumming as Sharon's hands began to message her sensitive breasts. But when Scott moved up and began to suck hard on her clit and inserted first one then two fingers into her, she came screaming. Scott backed off and let Sue calm down a second and watched as she moved up Sharon's body to lay down on her in a 69 position, with her face resting on the other woman's lower belly, in order to regain her composer. Crawling the rest of the way onto the kute young girls bed, Scott kissed Sharon lightly on the cheek. "There it is sweetheart," he said indicating Sue's glistening pussy. "Isn't it beautiful. It tasted great, just like this," and he kissed her lips so she could taste what was now just inches form her mouth. "Go ahead honey, it's right there." He didn't have to tell her twice. Her first taste was light. Just the smallest flick of her tongue across her pussy lips. Quite different from her own and also incredibly tasty. She young nude anal was very young pink hooked, she knew it, and loved it. Sue began to pant and moan once again as Scott watched Sharon enjoying her first taste of another woman pussy. He just couldn't take it any more. He got to his knees and crawled between Sue's outstretched legs, prodding and urging her to get up onto her hands and knees. This brought Sue out of her orgasmic haze and as she did so she went back to work devouring the best tasting pussy in her life. He sat back on his haunches and watched for a moment as the two women were locked in their tight 69 and he stroked his member till it was so hard it nearly hurt. He positioned himself at Sue's entrance but Sharon, seeing it first, took it into her hot mouth and gave it a good wet bath till it glistened with her spit. She then took her hands and guided his cock to Sue's pussy and watched as he slowly drove it home. She was so incredibly tight young nudist galleries that Scott had to stop a moment after hitting bottom to steady himself, he didn't want to cum too soon and spoil it for them all. As soon as Scott began his steady thrusts, in and out, he knew it wasn't going to last long no matter what he wanted. Because with about every thrust Sharon was intermittently licking Sue's clit, her slit, his shaft and his balls. The woman was an oral marvel. After only five minutes he started to cum and Sharon could see it. She went on an all out attack on Sue's clit, hoping to get her off from the outside just as surly as he would by expanding and cumming inside of her. And sure enough, Sue started to scream in orgasm from Sharon's mouth and she lost all breath as she felt him explode deep within her. The vibration of Sue's scream on clit, along with the sight of his cumming in her brought Sharon off right in time with them. His orgasm subsided with little involuntary thrusts and spasms before he pulled out of Sue. Seeing his shrinking member emerge form her encasement, Sharon reached out and took it into her mouth and reveled in its taste. It was like both their cum all mixed together on a thick meaty stick. And after sucking the reminisce form his cock she dove into Sue's sticky gash and shoved her tongue in deep, to drink in the rest of their cum. Which she soon got as this took Sue over the edge once again. Soon after they maneuvered themselves to a comfortable position in the young girl breast middle of the large bed. Scott was in the middle, on his back with the ladies young slut gallery lesbian young girls cuddled up on either side of him, their heads on his shoulders and his arms around them each. They were all covered in a sheen of sweat and the room smelled of sex. And as they all fell into a light sleep they couldn't help but think that this wonderful twinks young boys weekend was just beginning.
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